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Assessment summary September 2016 onwards

Please note that this provides a general overview of our schools assessment systems, which we use to track each child’s individual progress and attainment, allowing us to set high expectations of each child and support them in achieving the very best they can. Tracking and assessment systems allow us to also identify where additional intervention may be required to further support or challenge a child, group of children or whole class. If anyone wishes to discuss any of the following in any detail then please contact either your child’s class teacher or the Head Teacher.

Test results and/or assessment link to a standardised score (i.e. 100 expected) to allow for target setting / clear indication of progress etc.


  • Development Matters Baseline Assessment – Nursery and Reception;

NB: Specific and Prime areas currently recorded using Scholar Pack (under review);

– Learning Ladders (LL) software used for Reception children from Spring 2016 onwards (currently use of LL in Nursery is under review);

– Tapestry used for recording and reporting to parents from Spring 2016 onwards.

Years 1 to 6:

  • Science – tracking in place: end of unit assessments – Rising Stars – used to inform Teacher assessment).
  • Computing – CAS progress sheets used for children in Years 1 to 6. This is currently being reviewed.
  • R.E. – Assessment sheets as already in place.

Learning Ladders is used across Writing, Reading, Maths – assessment is formative, tracking set up for all areas / ladders etc, all arranged so each year’s progress is linked to ‘100’ so targets can be set, progress checked numerically etc. HT meets class teachers each term to check targets.

Gap analysis allows for identification of areas requiring further work for individuals, groups and classes to support teaching, learning and planning.

Displays in each classroom (as appropriate for age):

  • Writing ladders for each area on display so children can access them – arranged as Y1/2, Y2/3 for each class as appropriate;
  • Reading – as writing;
  • Maths – Ladder display linked to each whole school half-term focus;
  • Curriculum above Year 6 – information / targets in Learning Ladders to allow for ongoing challenge in Year 6 or as appropriate.


  • Ladders for: Super speller, Organised, Purposeful, Word wonder, Grammar Giants;
  • Ladders used to inform children’s own target cards – children (with staff support as appropriate) to select 5 targets (one per area) – with / without teacher input depending on age of child – and writing target card to be kept in front of single work book;
  • Handwriting ladder not to be used for a handwriting target – school policy / scheme / pen licence to be continued as current;
  • Learning Ladders and class / individual progress shared with children as age-appropriate to help select targets for writing, guided reading etc.


  • Reading age tests (PIRA) linked to new National Curriculum used for all year groups excluding Nursery, to support teacher assessment;
  • Ladders for: Decoder, Comprehender, Reading Detective, Language Lover, Responder, Big Reader to be used in displays – as appropriate for each class. Ladders for Year 1/2 / Year 2/3 as appropriate for each class to be on display on the wall;
  • Group targets taken from Learning Ladders Booklets and used in guided groups – recorded in online tracking updated as teacher chooses;
  • PIRA (termly) tests give a standardised score to go alongside formative assessment (linked to new NC);
  • Reception to use PIRA tests as judged appropriate – spring / summer of Reception year.


  • Learn-it’s used as targets for the children, though older children will be made aware of the ladders – Learn-it’s link to weekly ‘Beat that’ challenge;
  • Ladders will not be displayed – mainly as there are 17 of them – but available in classrooms / online as required;
  • Whole school targets will be set each half-term, linked to one or more of the ladders, which will then be displayed;
  • Further assessment will take place as follows:

– Each term and/or as the class teacher judges appropriate, a Rising Star test, at the selected level for each individual, will take place – these give results as emerging, expected, exceeding.

– Years 2 and 6 will undergo end of Key Stage Assessments

School has made a conscious decision to place formative assessment


  • A Spelling tracking booklet is in place for all KS2 children (and Year 2 children as appropriate).




All children have individual assessment sheets and school maintains these, along with detailed records of Extra-curricular sports attendance, intra and inter school sports and tournament participation.