African Fundraiser

A huge well done to all the Year 3 & 4 children who worked very hard to organise a fantastic fundraiser to raise money for Christian Aid – malaria and Water for Africa.

The afternoon was huge success and the current money raised is now an impressive £372.

Thank you for everyone who came along to the fundraiser and for those people who donated cakes, games, prizes and second hand items.

All this money will make a huge difference to lots of people across Africa.

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Year 3 & 4 Africa Fundraiser

This half term we have been finding out about the continent of Africa. From our work, children have been keen to organise a fundraiser which will take place on the afternoon of 13th July. We have looked into several charities which support Africa and the children have decided to raise money for both Water For Africa and Christian Aid – supporting Malaria.

What fundraising ideas do you have to raise money for these charities?