Letters are sent out via ParentMail, but key letters can also be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Christmas Dates letter 16-11-2015

Spring welcome and dates letter 06012016

KS2 Sailing Letter Summer 2016

KCP Letter re changes to expectations and reporting final Jan 2016

School assessment letter 20012016

Spelling week letter wc25012016

Tapestry permission letter 21012016

Learning Ladders access letter 02032016

Charges increase letter 14032016

ASC Letter Summer 2016

Summer Newsletter 11042016

Crosthwaite SAT’s Timetable KS2 2016

Year 2 SATs letter 03052016

Year 6 SATs letter 03052016

Sports Day letter 10th June 2016

End of term letter 04072016

Staffing and Timetable letter 04072016

End of term letter 04072016

School Values Letter Final Results 8.7.16

Timetable changes and Term date proposal Ltr 12072016






Crosthwaite CofE School Ofsted Report March 2017

Ofsted Letter 24.04.17

Open Day invite letter 05052017

Summer Newsletter 05052017

Staffing and Timetable letter 13072017

End of term letter 13072017

However, all letters sent out via ParentMail will remain accessible via registered E-mail accounts or by logging into ParentMail.

Please see Mr Jessop or Mrs Metcalfe if you require further help or information.