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Mr Jessop
Mr Jessop wrote: Observation Bee Hive!
Fantastic learning resource now in place in Year 3/4 classroom! Put in place last night - many thanks to Julia and Martin Hoggard - and the Queen (long black abdomen and a large white dot on her - try and spot her!) will be laying up to 2000 eggs (More)
Mr Jessop
Mr Jessop wrote: School Bees...
Jack (with help from Julia) checked the school Bees this week - doing so well we've had to add extra frames! Hoping for the Queen cells to allow us to split the hive so we have two - maybe more honey for us in the future?!   (More)
Mr Jessop
Mr Jessop wrote: Bees!
Very pleased to say our lovely Italian Honey Bees have not just survived the winter, but are thriving! They've been moved back today into the larger hive and we expect to split them into two hives if all goes well this summer. We should also, hopeful (More)