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cgunby wrote: Compassion Afternoon
This afternoon we have celebrated our value of Compassion with lots of fun activities including, decorating a gingerbread men, compassion drama, decorating a star and creating paper flowers and stars. (More)
cgunby wrote: Advent Wreath
Year 3 and 4 made an Advent wreath which shows what Christians do to prepare for the birth of Jesus.   (More)
cgunby wrote: Friendship Afternoon
Our new Ethos Team ran an excellent friendship afternoon for our current value.  These are the activities they chose: Making friendship bracelets and then giving the one they made to a friend. Decorating a cupcake and then a paper leaf for o (More)
cgunby wrote: Trust
Our final value for the school year is Trust. Children completed lots of activities successfully as they put their trust in friends and developed team building skills. (More)
cgunbyFor our Responsibility value afternoon, the fantastic Ethos team organised fun activities to promote this half terms value. The four activities included: Bunting craft- drawing and/or writing acts of responsibility or responsible people. Frui (More)
cgunby wrote: Baking with Love
Our value this half term is love. To share our love with the local community, children kindly made some heart biscuits for St. Mary's church Sunday service. They were greatly appreciated! (More)