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Mr Jessop
Mr Jessop wrote: Farm additions - Alpacas!
A huge welcome to our new farm animals - three lovely Alpacas. By far the most popular thing with the children to arrive at school in the last year! We now have three young male Alpacas: Edson (Born June 2016, Fawn coloured), Quebec (Born June 201 (More)
Mr Jessop
Mr Jessop wrote: Bees!
Very pleased to say our lovely Italian Honey Bees have not just survived the winter, but are thriving! They've been moved back today into the larger hive and we expect to split them into two hives if all goes well this summer. We should also, hopeful (More)
Mr Jessop
Mr Jessop wrote: Lambs 2017!
The first school lambs of 2017 - a Tup and a Gimmer! Well done Samuel (and George of course)! (More)
cgunby wrote: Measuring
As part of our farm week, we have been measuring the length and width of the our school farm and the homes of our different animals.  (More)
Mrs Meikle wrote: Ducklings!!
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] ducklings have arrived in school![/caption]   We have now got the patter of 4 lots of tiny feet in the KS2 Yr 5/6 classroom. The eggs have sucessfully hatched, and we will soon be looking after (More)