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Mr Jessop
Mr Jessop wrote: Beacon Museum, Whitehaven
Year 5/6 had a fantastic trip to Whitehaven on Friday (apart from the weather!), learning about the History of the port and also linking it to our work on the Slave and Spice Trades in Cumbria. A long way to go but worth it! (More)
pjohnson As part of our topic work the children are exploring how information books are set out.  Today they have been looking at the contents pages of Victorian books and trying to find simple snippets of information. (More)
cgunby wrote: Iron Age
To help understand how crop marks let archaeologists identify buried prehistoric sites, we have buried a Lego wall under potting mix and covered the top with cress seeds. What do we expect to find out? (More)
cgunby wrote: Stonehenge
We have been learning about one of the world's most famous prehistoric monuments, Stonehenge, as part of our Stone Age topic.  Children then made their own mini version of this monument using salt dough. (More)
cgunbyKey Stage 2 children enjoyed dressing up and taking part in a range of Greek activities to complete our unit of work on Ancient Greece.  Which Greek Gods can you see?   Our mini Olympics.   We tried some tradition (More)
cgunby wrote: Athens Vs Sparta
Key Stage 2 made their own fantastic Greek shields. They then spilt into two groups to train in their Athenian or Spartan army, keeping in the traditional phalanx formation. (More)
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] Ancient Greeks![/caption] On Thursday, KS2 celebrated and completed their topic on the Ancient Greeks. We consoldated their learning with powerpoint presentations, games and art activities, and then dr (More)