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cgunby wrote: Diwali
We had great fun celebrating Diwali on 19th October. The children made their own Diva lamps out of salt dough and then decorated them with bright colours and glitter. They also made paper lanterns and created their own Indian dance which they shared (More)
pjohnson wrote: The Good Samaritan
In R.E. the class listened to the story of The Good Samaritan and discussed the hidden messages in this parable. They then worked in small groups to rein act the story using stick puppets.   We then discussed what a good Samaritan w (More)
pjohnson wrote: Sukkot
Years 1 & 2 have been learning about the festival of Sukkot. They began by designing their own Sukkah's before building them with their choice of material. The children had to ensure their Sukkha's had three walls, an open roof and include decora (More)
pjohnson wrote: Egg Rolling
Key Stage 1 has been learning about the Easter Story and the significance of the egg at Easter time. Today each child decorated their egg before rolling it down a hill. Well done to Will and Harry whose egg rolled the furthest! (More)
pjohnsonThe Year 1 and 2 children visited St Mary's church for a mock Christening lead by Rev Woodcock.  Below are some pictures of the baby, the Parents and the God Parents. (More)