Friendship Afternoon

Our new Ethos Team ran an excellent friendship afternoon for our current value.  These are the activities they chose:

  • Making friendship bracelets and then giving the one they made to a friend.
  • Decorating a cupcake and then a paper leaf for our friendship tree.
  • Friendship bunting – showing the meaning of friendship on their piece of bunting.
  • Flower face – writing kind and thoughtful comments about our friends in school on petals.

Ethos and School Values morning!

On Wednesday, 24th May, the whole focused on our school values of Truth and Honesty. Our Ethos group led an excellent assembly, focusing on the importance of telling the truth. The Ethos leaders then led several different activities around the school; the button game; choosing obstacle courses based on truth or lies; making and sharing chocolate strawberries; making posters and writing a prayer; and making up a musical truth and honesty rap!! Excellent work Ethos group – we’ve all had a fantastic morning!!

Lots more photos to see on Flickr!

Responsibility Afternoon

For our Responsibility value afternoon, the fantastic Ethos team organised fun activities to promote this half terms value. The four activities included:

  1. Bunting craft- drawing and/or writing acts of responsibility or responsible people.
  2. Fruit kebab (eating healthy) and responsibility questionnaire.
  3. Drama – acting out how to be responsible to different scenarios.
  4. Sport and fitness activities linked to team work.